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Find your dream estate in Budafok or in one of the districts in Buda!

The place where we live  will only become a real home for us if it provides that extra something we need after a hard day of work. We do live in vain  in one of the most popular areas, in a perfectly designed apartment if we are unable to wind down and relax as a result of  noise and  too much bustle.  When we are younger, one of the first aspect when purchasing a new home is the closeness to the city. Later in life one appreciates  peacefulness  and quietness much better. Therefore, most of us in their late twenties, when starting a family,  move out to suburban family housing districts, looking for tranquillity and  security, and  certainly for closeness to the nature.

There are plenty of real estate and industrial estates for sale or for rent in  the 22nd district and Buda.

The 22nd and the 11th districts or Budafok are good choices if we are looking for  real estates, apartments or family houses or even if we  intend to build in  a quiet, pleasant neighbourhood.

There are a numerous houses, estates, semi-detached ones, newly built apartments, industrial buildings, warehouses and shops available for rent or for sale in these areas.   Rózsadomb (Rose Hill), Budatétény, the Baross Gábor residential area, the garden-city of Nagytétény or Óhegy (Oldberg) are among the most popular districts for homeseekers. In any of these areas one can easily find  new or almost new detached houses, semi-detached houses, flats or condos  for both sale and rent purposes.

We help You find your way among the numerous estates, houses, flats and industrial properties for sale.

It is not easy to find the appropriate home or property. Our agency, as Ingatlan Budafok office building.the oldest real estate agency in Budafok, is happy to help you with find the home of your dreams. We helped dozens of families and businesses since 1994 to find new family houses, semi-detached houses, homes, business estates, warehouses or offices. We mostly deal with new constructions and new properties, but we can certainly be of help if someone is looking for older family houses, apartments , warehouses or offices; we even offer bargain-priced properties on a regular basis, which can be found in our catalogue . We are looking forward to seeing you in our modern office in Budafok, as we can surely help you to find the property meeting your needs and wishes. We can also help you if you have properties for sale or rent: just upload the details of the property for sale or rent into our database and we will contact you as soon as possible!