Real Estate Services for Sellers:

After a request registered in our office our agent visits the offered real estate at an agreed time and performs the appraisal on the spot, giving professional advice, free of charge, to the seller.

The authorization contract and the appraisal necessary for the mediation process are free of charge.
Potential buyers are informed about the real estate's parameters with the help of our computerized database.
Real estates are advertised on the Internet and in the media free of charge.
At the time of the agreed appointment our agents escort the buyers to the real estate, where they present it and provide consultative assistance in matters pertaining to negotiations between the parties. 
We do not charge registration, traveling and advertising fees and consultative assistance is also free of charge!
Broker's commission, the 3% - 3,5% of the arranged selling price + VAT, is due only in case of a successful mediation.

Real Estate Services for Buyers:

We only offer our buyers real estates that were visited by our agents, legally clearand have realistic selling prices.
The buyer's needs are registered and with the help of our database we search for properties that match the criteria given by the buyer.
In accordance to the agreement between the seller and our agency, our skilled agents will present the real estates and will be in attendance at the time of negotiations.
Database search is free of charge!

Real Estate Services in case of Renting:

General conditions are the same as the above. In case of successful mediation the negotiation fee is one month's rent + VAT, which is to be paid by the lessor.


For real estates to be sold by us the appraisal is free of charge. In case of inquiries only, the appraisal and traveling fee is 20.000 Ft + VAT according to verbal agreement.
On request, after the inspection and the examination of the pertaining documents, as well as consideration of all circumstances involved, our experts prepare a written evaluation of the real estate. The fee of this evaluation will be verbally agreed upon on the spot according to the value of the property.

Full Services:

After the authorization process our clients are free of any burdensome, tiresome and time-consuming administration that requires expertise. Our clients will receive only the end product, the contract registered in the Land Office, which means the end of a complicated process. 

We hope we have gained your confidence and you will contact us soon!