The independent valuation is always prepared based on the current market value* of the property!


Our registered and experienced real estate expert uses the database of our company, that is, a singificant amount of market information to provide an excellent service for our customers.

When is a valuation necessary?

- when a property is sold, to determine the realistic price of the property,

- before a property is purchased it is necessary for your decision to see if the price is a reasonable one,

- for several family situations (for example, family members share their inheritance, at divorce etc.);

- for bank loans*

We prepare valuation for the following property types:

- flats,

- houses (detached, semi-detached, terraced houses etc.),

- empty plots,

The value of a property always depends on the market. The valuer determines the value of the property based on information about the latest market situation to fulfil all professional requirements.

For valuation in addition to professional quality, ethical considerations are equally important. It is obvious that a valuation report is the basis of important decisions, therefore, all valuations are prepared with accuracy, careful consideration and impartiality.

With no exceptions the current market value* of the property is determined even though the customer would find a lower or higher price more beneficial in the valuation report.

*Market value: the estimated amount for which on the day of the valuation the property could be sold by a seller confident about the selling and an independent buyer confident about buying with the consideration of a suitable sales period and public advertisement on the market in a situation in which the parties are well-informed, make a careful decision without any outside influence.

Property estimation
Property estimation